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Legal Forms: Oregon


This research guide provides information about forms available in the Multnomah Law Library and online. Forms are sample versions of standard legal documents. They must be adapted to meet individual needs and jurisdictional requirements. There are two types of legal forms:

(1) procedural forms to be filed in court (such as complaints, motions, and interrogatories); and

(2) transactional forms used to complete legally enforceable agreements between parties (such as wills, leases, and contracts).

Forms are compiled into sets that are subject-specific, jurisdiction-specific, or general.  You can find them in law library books and electronic databases such as Westlaw and Bloomberg Law.  Forms are also available through state and federal court websites and other online sources.

Court Forms Online

Oregon Statewide Court Forms

  • Statewide Forms (Oregon Judicial Department)
    • Access statewide forms that are accepted in all circuit courts in Oregon. 
  • Oregon Uniform Trial Court Rules Forms
    • Uniform Trial Court Rules apply to most proceedings and actions in Oregon circuit courts. They govern interactions with the court and set standards for things such as document formats, court proceedings, and arbitration.  Some rules refer to forms, which are accessible online in PDF or Word format. 

Multnomah County Circuit Court Forms

  • Multnomah County Court Forms
    • The Multnomah County Circuit Court provides various court forms to expedite the process of routine requests in Multnomah County. Find forms on topics such as small claims, mandatory arbitration, mediation, forcible entry and detainer (FED), family law, probate, and more.
  • Multnomah County Family Law Forms
    • Access Multnomah County Court forms relating to various types of family law issues.
    • Family Abuse Prevention Act Restraining Order
      Apply, challenge, renew, or modify a restraining order for free in Multnomah County using TurboCourt, an online forms preparation service. 
  • Supplementary Local Rules for Multnomah County
    • Supplementary Local Rules supplement the Uniform Trial Court Rules and govern practice in a specific district. Some rules refer to forms located in the Forms Appendix, which you can find following the rules. 

Federal Court Forms

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